3D Renderings

McWIL has a proud history of court installation. However, once courts are built McWIL has no control over maintenance and operation of the courts. It can therefore be counter-productive for all parties to refer to a list of installations when the result might be the potential client visits a facility that is poorly kept, or where repair is necessary but not addressed. In addition, we pride ourselves on always improving the work we do, with the logical conclusion that the most recent installations are the ones that would properly represent what we would build for a new client.

Illustrated here are some of our installations, and we will be happy to provide more information on a case-by-case basis.

Through a special partnership with ILLUSTRATE MY DESIGN, based in Alexandria, Virginia, McWIL is able to provide customers with the ability to see their design before they commit to the cost and effort of building. These renderings can also be valuable tools for raising the critical financial needs for a project.

In addition, renderings can be useful for architects and builders, as well as customers, to understand both the base construction required for courts in order to result in first-class installations.

A world-class squash court is the result of first-class materials installed properly by technicians who are committed to the customer enjoying a long-term and satisfying experience with the courts. As holder of World Squash Federation Complete Court Accreditation status, McWIL Squash has assembled a top-quality selection of materials to create the finest squash courts.

Emanuel Community Center, Cincinnati


Continuing nearly a century-and-a-half of service to the local community, the Emanuel Community Center is being re-purposed in part to serve a new group of urban youngsters who will learn squash on the three courts to be built in an old basketball gymnasium.

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University of Chicago

Render 1

When the University Club of Chicago was looking at different options for enhancing their squash program, McWIL prepared a design study aimed at creating a “center” court for events by opening space in an adjacent court. This view shows a unique perspective viewing the center court from the back wall viewing area of the adjacent court.

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Categories: 3D Renderings