We built 3 new squash courts at Hogg Middle School in Houston, Texas. Hogg Middle School is the first middle school in the U.S. to house squash courts. Hogg is also the first public school in the U.S. to offer squash as a PE credit!

These new squash courts are the new home for Mission Squash’s urban squash program. Mission Squash is an urban youth development program that combines academic enrichment with athletic training in the sport of squash. The program aims to give youth from underprivileged homes the opportunity to make a better future for themselves by staying in school, graduating and aspiring to college, while at the same time improving their health and fitness through the game of squash.

Click here for an update to see how students are enjoying the new courts!

Click here and here for articles that further describe the goals of Mission Squash in building these squash courts!


Hogg Middle School Squash Court

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We recently built an all-glass court for the 2015 NetSuite Open held on the South Lawn at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco from September 25 – 29.

Founded in 1998, NetSuite is the leader in the field of cloud-based management of resource planning, customer relationships, e-commerce and IT security for businesses of all sizes – over 24,000 at latest count.  NetSuite is the market’s first choice when it comes to utilization of the cloud for cost-effective and productive business management practices.  NetSuite is also a great supporter of squash and so if you or your company are interested in enhancing your IT functions while trimming costs you should be going to www.netsuite.com!

2015 was the 8th year of the NetSuite Open, make sure to stay tuned for info on next year’s tournament!

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The Emanuel Community Center is the home of the Cincinnati Squash Academy. This project highlights McWIL’s continued participation in the expansion of Urban Squash programs.

The Cincinnati Squash Magazine has a neat article about the new squash courts and the Cincinnati Squash Academy! Check it out here!


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Bates College in Lewiston, Maine is the home of the 2015 national collegiate men’s champion, and we just finished completing an all glass squash court to expand their facility. Click here for more info on Bates College’s squash program!

Bates All-Glass Squash Court

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The 2015 Guggenheim & Metro Squash Windy City Open was held at the University Club of Chicago. This project marked the debut of McWIL’s next generation all glass squash court.


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panel      panel comparison

McWIL has worked with Fiberesin Industries for nearly two decades to supply and install panels that are both the highest density in the court panel market and the only panel fabricated with a melamine thermally-fused playing surface. The Fiberesin panel is installed using a hidden spline attachment (see photo at left) and is available in a moisture-resistant version should high humidity be a problem. The photo at right illustrates without resorting to technical explanation the significantly higher density of the Fiberesin panel (middle) compared to competitors. Unique to McWIL Squash is a matte surface that conforms to WSF specifications for low glare play walls.

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