As noted, there are rarely two projects similar enough to be called “the same.” For that reason when we are contacted we want to fully understand the goal of the client. Even the most prolific sports facility architect or designer is unlikely to be fully-conversant with the nuances of squash court construction, and the more McWIL knows about the goals the more we can analyze plans, recommend improvements and hopefully add value where it was not expected. Our motto is “Unless it’s dangerous or illegal, it’s your money,” but that sentiment is combined with our intent to spend the client’s money as wisely as possible.

More often than not, squash courts are NOT built in massive sports complexes or fitness chain clubs. In recognition of that fact, McWIL has established a very effective relationship with an architectural rendering firm that results in the client being able to see what their vision looks like before the construction begins. These renderings are also invaluable marketing tools for facilities that want to reach a certain critical mass of interest and/or membership before starting to spend serious money. Please check our 3D Renderings section for more information on this McWIL service.

Date posted: April 6, 2013 | Author: | Comments Off on McWIL process