Squash is a rigorous and intense sport with a worldwide presence, but the game is supported by an enthusiastic community of players and fans whose allegiance is fueled primarily by passion and positivity. At McWIL Squash we are in the squash BUSINESS, but our passion is no less intense than others around the world who love the game.

We operate on the basis that “what goes around comes around” and thus we do our best to give back to the game when the opportunity presents itself, and some times we create the opportunity. Over the years McWIL has been primary sponsor of the Women’s World Team Championships and the US Open, supported the establishment of new and special events through our unique and comprehensive operation of portable glass courts and contributed to the efforts underway and ongoing by any number of NUSEA programs.

Most recently McWIL was the establishing title sponsor of the McWIL WSA event at the National Squash Academy in Toronto, and plans are for this event to be sustaining.

2020 Squash Back the Bid WSF

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