McWIL Squash was founded (as McWIL Sports Surfaces) in 1995 by David Carr to build squash courts and other sports-related courts and fixtures.  Carr, a Washington, DC-based lawyer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in squash and athletic club management, recognized the oncoming change of the squash game in the USA from hard ball to soft ball and anticipated a surge in demand for new courts. Twenty years later and now operating on an international basis, McWIL continues to develop innovative and proprietary products with a primary motivation to offer customers optimal value and quality in squash courts.

In addition to long-standing relationships with Hamberger Industries in Germany (floors), GSG in Holland (glass wall hardware), Fiberesin Industries in the US (wall panels) and Delviro Energy in Canada (LED lighting), McWIL has set the standard for over a decade in producing and installing all-glass courts for professional and special squash events.  McWIL installed company-owned glass courts for 63 events from 2004-2014, and is now in partnership with John Nimick and Squash Engine with the state-of-the-art NetSuite Challenge court. McWIL Squash will continue to be a leader and an engine for growth of the game.

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