McWIL was founded in 1995 by David Carr, drawing on previous experience in court construction and following a five-year period as VP Operations for a chain of fitness clubs with facilities in the US, Canada and the UK.

McWIL Sports Surfaces, as the business was originally called, focused from the outset on indoor racquet courts (squash, racquetball and handball) and wood athletic floors. After too many calls for back-yard asphalt basketball courts, the company name was changed to McWIL Courtwall, LLC, and in 2007 was incorporated as McWIL Courtwall, Inc.

The company is based in Washington DC, and is focused on squash court construction worldwide both directly and through exclusive agents in a number of areas. For a period of years ending in 2011 McWIL cooperated closely with an agent in Europe who oversaw projects there and in Asia and Africa. That relationship was terminated as of 1 January 2012. McWIL Courtwall Inc. remains the corporate entity, but McWIL is the name the squash world will continue to recognize for the quality and experience the company brings to the market.

The McWIL philosophy is to be the most cost-effective solution for any project. Whether a private court or a major complex, every project is a little different and our goal is to use the McWIL team’s experience and expertise to give each project its own best solution. Every client, AND potential client, gets the benefit of a broad range of consulting services that at McWIL are simply considered the core of our sales effort. We pride ourselves on the advice and liaison services that we can offer to clients, architects, general contractors and other subcontractors. It is McWIL’s goal to make certain that when the McWIL crew arrives to install the squash finishes the coast is clear and none of the parties responsible for earlier work has been left in the dark about what is needed to end up with perfect courts!

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